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                                                      Frequently Asked Questions

“Why is it important to know where the building is going?”

With todays ever changing climate it is very important to design the roof truss to meet the requirements of the snow load for that area. we at Gable will design your trusses to exceed building code requirements.

“How far can I span my floor joist?”

We produce the floor truss in house and depending on the depth of the joist, we can span up to 32’. The clear span of any floor joist depends on the load that is required for each application

"How large will the room be in an Attic Truss?”

Typically a room will be close to Half the width of the actual attic truss. For example, if the truss is 24 feet across, the room would be approx. 12 feet wide.

"Where can you deliver to?”

We have delivered product all over the world to places like the Caribbean, china, and the UK.

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