Our Company Vision

Our mission is to provide the best quality and price in all our products and services to help our clients achieve a safe structure in today’s ever changing climate. We strive to give our best efforts everyday helping our clients with their dreams and goals. This business was started with a vision in 1977 to provide clients with top quality products that have been hand crafted and produced by knowledgeable staff with years of expertise. Our products are built to last for generations to come.

Stephen Armstrong

Getting To Know The People You Do Business With

Let our friendly and professional staff assist you today with your next project. With combined experience of over 60 years, we have the ability to help you bring your project together. Use the above statement in both the engineered page, floor and roof page.


Stephen Armstrong
Tel: 1 (506) 839-2946 Toll Free: 1 (800) 561-1501

Matt Armstrong
Tel: 1 (506) 839-2946 Toll Free: 1 (800) 561-1501

Tel: 1 (506) 839-2946 Toll Free: 1 (800) 561-1501

Learn More About Our Companies Rich History

Starting out on a piece of the family farm in 1977, Gable Enterprises was full of promise in an area that was booming. In the beginning, they built many houses from start to finish, but as time went on,, realized the growing need for Engineered Roof trusses. This was a new concept at the time, differing from the "old ways" of raftering trusses.

As the clientele needs began to shift, the engineers of the day started to understand how to transfer snow loads, and the differences required for each area. They started with Span charts in a book that showed the calculations of each web top/bottom chord giving the reactions under the varying snow loads, with each joint having a different reaction of moment/shear/vibration and "transfer criteria" to transfer the load to the bearing.

As time went on, Gable focused on Engineered wood, and found their niche. They provided customers with Engineered Wood products like Roof trusses, Wall panels, and Floor systems as well as Beams and Columns. They were able to expand in this area by working together with other contractors to allow growth in a greater surrounding area in the New Brunswick region.

Later on, Gable incorporated the use of computers to design the load's for Trusses and Floors, etc, which naturally sped up the design process allowing them to get the product to the customer faster. Today, we depend on the computer software to design the best product for our customers in our ever changing climate specifically in the matter of snowloads! Change to the actual "assembly" process out back in the shop occurred over time as well, with many updates along the way.

We have gone from working with skill saws, while figuring and measuring each angle for every joint by hand, (and then stringing lines, setting up jigs, and applying a one plate gusset to each joint, and then having to work together to flip the trusses to complete the same process for the other side,) to having automated machines do all that for us! This has saved our employees from having to meticulously perform all those extra tasks/steps, as well as having to go outside in all sorts of inclement weather to stand the trusses up out of the way. (to make room for the next one being sent out through the rollers.)

In our present day, things certainly run more efficiently, with automated saws that adjust the length and angle for each member within seconds and laser imaging to guide the assembly of our products, we have come along way!! We continue to make upgrades as we go along, and are always searching for ways to make things better, for both our employees and our customers!